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Single Spey - Left Shoulder - Right Bank.

Having spent a lifetime with a rod in my hands, I can demonstrate and instruct on the complete range of Spey Casts. Whether it's Overhead, Single or Double Spey, Snake Roll or Snap T / Circle Spey, I can help you either brush up on a rusty technique or simply start from the beginning. Click on the contact me button on the home page, drop me a line and we’ll arrange a time. I have 3 current Disclosure Scotland Certificates, have been fully trained on First-Aid procedures and can also provide tackle if required. 

The Training Ground

Snake Roll - Right Bank.



If asked 10 years ago to recommend one general-purpose rod to tackle the Spey, I would have said it would be 15’ in length and rated 10/11. The line to match the rod would have a mid-length head of around the 65-75'. Now however due to the advancement in tackle and techniques, especially over the past few years, my rod of choice would be around the 13-14' mark with shooting heads of various densities. One advantage of having been a fishing guide is having the opportunity on a daily basis, to test almost every rod & line combination on the market and one fact is clear; casting a Salmon rod has never been easier! One piece of advice that I would offer is that like guns, golf clubs or any personal sporting equipmen; if you get a combination that suits your style, stick with it. Most importantly, try before you buy and whilst testing, ignore the manufacturer's label and cost (if possible). In 2012, I was given the opportunity of testing the Loop Cross S1 range, coupled with the Loop GDC Shooting heads. To this day, I firmly believe there is no better outfit on the market.


My Rods


The Loop Cross S1 fly rod series is the sngle most important revolution to occur in fly fishing since we introduced the large arbor reel over 20 years ago. It’s that big. If the large arbor provided revolutionary function that made the fly reel exponentially better, you won’t believe the difference Cross S1 construction makes with fly rods. We could write an entire book on the adventure that has led to the Cross S1 series of fly rods. We could look up and write down all the available superlatives that are yet unused by other manufacturers (not many left nowadays), but the only way to truly describe what we mean is to hand one to you and let you test for yourself. If there has ever been a time in our history of development of high-performance fly fishing gear where Loop merited a “look” and a test from the fly fishing world, it is now. Over a period of two years we have developed these fly rods where we used the new 3M™ Powerlux™ Composites. The result is amazing, the strength associated with the 3M™ Powerlux™ Composites generates a lightness and controllable elasticity that just must be experienced. We have carefully restricted the inherent elasticity of the Loop Cross S1 so that the rod is working evenly over a much wider range than other fly rods. We have managed to make super-strong featherweight fly rods, with an emphasis on fishing where the rod is working with minimum vibration through an entire load range – from close-in and out to even extreme distances. The design requires minimal input power where the rod does the job. It has never been so easy and taken so little effort to deliver precision loops at 10-meters or 30-meters while easily controlling the line or changing the pace of the cast.


My Reels

Loop Opti Series

Loop reels have always been leading the way. They still do. For more than twenty years they have been producing large arbor reels. With the new Opti Fly Reel they've entered a new era. This reel has an even larger arbor and a narrower, uniquely V-shaped spool. This means a faster retrieve and less line memory. When you retrieve the line it automatically falls into place with very little help from your fingers. Of course the Opti reel has our silky smooth and powerful Power Matrix drag system. The drag system, which is totally waterproof, saltwater resistant and features the smoothest available start-up, is also found in the upgraded Evotec G4 and the Classic-reels.

My Flies

The Kinermony Killer Flamethrower

I would like to personally recommend Duncan Egan's flies to you. Duncan is a professional fly-tyer and an excellent fly fisherman. His flies are second to none and unlike most shop- bought flies, last time and time again. Last year, I caught over 20 kelts on one of his KK Monkeys and bearing in mind the sharpness of the kelts teeth, I still have it in my box in as-new condition. Pictured above is the Kinermony Killer Flamethrower which was tested throughout 2008 with exceptional results and since then has gone on to catch thousands of Salmon worldwide. The fly is available through this site or directly from Duncan and for less than the price of a dram of Speyside malt, you can add that extra dimension to your fly box. Finally, a quick question - If you were invited to play golf at St Andrews, would you turn up with a few tattly old balls? I very much doubt it, therefore go and visit Duncan's site and invest in a few flies that really will make a difference.